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Shamanic Journey Incense
This powerful blend of plant medicines has been hand made using 12 different herbs, woods, grasses and resins, you will experience the wonderful aromas of Palo Santo wood, Sweetgrass and Hojari Frankincense, to name a few, to create a calm and warming environment to aid you with your spiritual work. This incense has been purposefully blended to bring healing and aid meditation or journeying. The intention of this ancient medicine is to bring gentle healing and deeper insight.

This loose incense, designed to be burnt on charcoal disc in a fireproof vessel.
Our Incense blends contain purely natural substances such as Fragrant Herbs, Flowers, Resins, Gums and Wood chips that are infused with Pure Essential Oils and Absolutes
INGREDIENTS: Lavender wild harvested from Glastonbury, Colombian Rose Petals, Cedar Leaves, Palo Santo, Agarwood, Oudh, White Sandalwood, Sweetgrass, Californian White Sage, Hojari Frankincense, Benzoin, Juniper Berry essential oil.
(Approx. 10g in 40ml jar)